Halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, and just west of Portland, Oregon, discover a different type of community, where north, south, east, and west come together to create a new urban neighborhood that transcends the bounds of common expectations.

Return to a simpler time, when you knew your neighbors and could rely on your community. Experience a true hub of activity. Relax…and feel…the Pacific Northwest attitude. Enjoy pedestrian-oriented and energy efficient surroundings, within fresh, and functional designs. Live at the crossroads of  culture, where bonds are formed. Breathe in a healthy lifestyle and an ecological awareness, with multiple transit options for all needs. Know that you’re well-connected.

Located in Beaverton, just minutes from Portland’s vibrant urban core and mere steps from high tech companies like Nike World Headquarters, 45° Central is a modern community of premium homes for those who place a high value on sustainable living and the latest in high-tech design and convenience.

In addition to 26 acres of stylish, contemporary and traditional homes, a 45° Central lifestyle includes:

  • A certified athletic club
  • Access to numerous public transit options
  • Miles of pedestrian pathways and bike friendly access which connect the neighborhood to the surrounding community
  • Playgrounds, pocket parks, courtyards and common greens and within convenient reach
  • Sustainable design with sense of community. Living, the way it’s supposed to be.


Look on a world map and you’ll see that the 45th parallel (forty five degrees south of the North Pole) runs right through top of Oregon. It marks one of the planet’s most fertile temperate zones. Follow this 45 degree line half way around the globe and you’ll see it runs right through the best wine growing regions of France. Or maybe they’re in France saying, “Wow. We’re at the same latitude as 45° Central.”


  • Nike World Headquarters
  • Intel & Tektronix
  • Miles of trails at THPRD NaturePark
  • New Season’s Grocery
  • Coffee Shops
  • Powell’s Books
  • Movie Theatre
  • Downtown Portland

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